Module based system for both your current and future needs

TRISYS is a module based workshop management system offered through a dealer network of wholesalers. TRISYS is by several of the wholesalers marketed in their own brand. As a workshop, you are typically offered a basic package with a number of basic modules included. A large number of additional modules can be added to the basic package, so that the system can be adapted to a workshop’s current, but also future needs. Based on our customers’ wishes, new modules are constantly being developed and added to the system. Below you can find more information about the different modules you can choose from.

Planning and overview

TRIPLAN is the system planning module. With TRIPLAN you can easily and efficiently manage bookings, work allocation, quoting, time registration, etc. Offers are easily converted into bookings, and you have a continuous overview of your occupancy and time spent on the solved tasks.

Human Ressource Module

In the TRIHRM module, employees’ holidays, sick days and other absences can be registered so that they are not assigned any work tasks in there absence. In addition, external partners such as bodyshops, car painters, etc. are created as resources that can be associated with the jobcards.

Customers, vehicles and invoicing

TRIFIN is the system’s financial module that is used for customer management, invoicing and crediting. In TRIFIN you also control hourly rates. TRIFIN is not a full financial system and contains no accounting plan and no bookkeeping option. TRIFIN supports the use of mobile online digital payment systems, making it easy for customers to pay their bills while improving the workshop’s economy. TRIFIN is not a full financial system and contains no chart of accounts and no accounting option.

Integration to ERP

The TRIECO module is intended for workshops using an ERP-system. With TRIECO basic data used for quoting and invoicing can be transferred between the to sytems. You chooses which system to invoice from and thus whether the bookkeeping is done automatically. With TRIECO you can also set up your own invoice design.

OBD connectivity solution via smartphone

The TRICON module enables you to offer your customers a connectivity solution. By installing an OBD dongle, which is available in a simple and advanced version, you gain access to your customers’ vehicle data. This gives you the opportunity to remind a customer of an imminent service, contact them when error codes are detected or remotely diagnose vehicles.


The TRISMS module enables simple one-way communication of SMS messages to your customers. You can set up automatic messaging, standard messages to choose from or send individual messages from TRISMS your customers. The module can be used to remind customers of upcoming work-shop visitits, to notify the customers when the service is done or similar.

Quotations made in no time

The TRIOFF module makes it easy to prepare quotations. You will be given information on service intervals, labour time and necessary spare parts, which are easily transferred to a quotation or jobcard. Quotes can then easily be converted into bookings and the necessary spare parts are ordered and added to the jobcard with just a few clicks.

Online service calculator and booking

The TRISERV module is an online service calculator for your own website. Visitors can both get a quote and book time for service. Together with an online booking, a work card is created from which the required spare parts are ordered with just a few clicks.

Direct access to online technical support

The TRITEC module integrates data from your preferred supplier of online technical support into TRISYS. The utilization of TRItec is only possible if you subscribes to one or more services – including Auto Frontal, HaynesPro or Tolerance. After selecting a vehicle in TRISYS, access to vehicle specific technical data, service times, service schedules, bulletins, are just one click away.

Direct access to ordering of goods

TRICAT is the system catalog that you use for quick and easy ordering of spare parts and other goods. TRICAT automatically acquires vehicle data from an offer or scheduled booking making the ordering of the required spare parts very easy. In TRISYS you can also find lubrication tables with information on lubrication and quantities.

Own inventory

The TRIUTIL module allows you to create your own internal inventory. Of course, all created items can easily be transferred to a jobcard after a quotation is accepted and the booking is made. The system also supports barcode scanning so that goods and services can easily be added to the jobcard by scanning barcodes.

Rental module for cars, trailers…

The TRIRENT module is for the administration of any rental service you offer. This can be rental of cars, trailers, roof boxes, etc. In TRIRENT, the administrative work – including preparation of rental contracts – is done quickly and efficiently.

Car dealer module

The TRIDEAL module is for business operations covering both car repair shop service and car sales. TRIDEAL handles the purchase and sale of all types of vehicles – both inside and outside the EU – and it has never been easier. TRIDEAL requires the use of e-conomic’s accounting system. On the other hand, no matter what kind of vehicle you are dealing with, you are guaranteed correct accounting of all entries and correct VAT settlement.

Tire hotel with complete documentation

The TRITIRE module is used for the administration of a tire hotel. A set of wheels is linked to a vehicle and a wheel change is added to a jobcard with a single click. In TRITIRE you can record every imaginable data on every single wheel, associate images as well as print barcode labels for attachment and complete documentation to the customer. But it is also possible to use T-SCAN’s handheld or floor-mounted scanners. This makes it possible – quickly and automatically – to have detailed information about customers’ tires registered in TRISYS. With a detailed report at hand, it becomes easy to explain to customers whether there are tires that need to be replaced or a wheel alignment is required.


The TRIDSB module gives you the opportunity to integrate TRISYS with DIGITAL-SERVICEBOOK.COM. Here you can easily fill in all information on the inspection and service. You can also view the records of other workshops and get information on MOT, debt, insurance and more.

System news and guides

TRINEWS is the system’s news / info module. This module gives you an overview and information about news and changes in the system – and of course, also upcomming system updates. In TRINEWS you will also find guides for using the system and soon also video guides.


For all platforms

TRISYS can be used on both PC, tablet and smartphone. We all have our own preferred way of accessing IT tools. With TRISYS you have has every option to choose from.

Easy operation with touch sensitive screens

You can also choose to operate the system via a touch sensitive screen. In this way it’s possible to avoid using keyboards and mouses in the workshop environment.

Intelligent barcode scanning

Of course, you can also choose to use barcode readers in TRISYS. Depending on where you are in the system, TRISYS will automatically know if you are in the process of adding an item to a jobcard, identifying an item or checking your inventory.