Gain market shares by offering a smart digital solutions to car repair shops

The struggle for market share of the automotive aftermarket intensifies. Price, quality and delivery speed are very important parameters, but the ability to offer smart digital solutions – including car repair shop management systems, is getting more and more important.

TRISYS in private label

In the case you would like to offer car repair shops the TRISYS system in your own brand, this is also possible. Several of our customers have done so adready and we are ready to assist you with marketing material.

Help car repair shops streamline thier business

With TRISYS, you do not only have the opportunity to support your car repair shop customers to streamline their workshop operations by converting administrative time to billable time. You will also have the opportunity to offer them valuable services leading to more customer loyalty and profitable business.

Customized for car repair shops current and future needs

TRISYS is a module based system and you decide which modules your standard version of the system should contain. Of course, you also decide on what terms you offer your customers the system. A widely used model is to offer a basic system for a monthly fixed price and additional modules that are priced individually. Thus, your workshop customers can continuously expand the system as needed and new modules are continuously being developed.


In collaboration with several wholesalers and an international network of professionals with practical experience in developing systems for workshop management, we have developed TRISYS. With this initiative, we, together with the wholesalers and their workshop customers, want to secure market shares for the free aftermarket, which is under increasing pressure in several areas. This must be done by adding valuable services that create loyalty and profit ability throughout the value chain. The goal is to create business for all parties by linking car owners closer to the workshop, the workshop closer to the wholesaler.

That sounds exciting – doesn’t it?

Go to the Car Repair Shops section to get an overview of the system options and do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration of TRISYS and a dialogue on how to get started.

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