TRISYS - Car Repair Shop Case - eCAR

Car Repair Shop case – eCAR

The Danish RAM and Dodge dealer eCAR, chose in the summer of 2019 to switch to TRISYS car repair shop and customer management system, which in Denmark is marketed under the name G-plan by the GROUPAUTO International member Auto-G Danmark. Now more than a year later we have visited eCAR to talk to them about their experiences.

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Car Repair Shop case – CB AUTO

AUTO-G Denmark, part of GROUPAUTO International, has used the TRISYS platform to develop their own car repair shop management system – Gplan. Anticipation has been high, ever since the introduction – and in just 6 weeks, 25 systems are up and running. We have visited C.B. Auto, which was one of the first car repair shops to use Gplan, to hear about their experiences.

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Wholesaler case – AUTO-G

Based on more than 30,000 car owner reviews collected in 2018 and analyzed by the Autobutler online quoting portal, Fair AutoService in Holstebro can be proud to have been voted the 3rd best workshop in Denmark. We visited the Fair Autoservice to learn about their recipe for success.

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